Engine Exhaust Tube Cracks

Cracks in the exhaust system that can occur on some engines. These cracks can occur on any of the four exhaust tubes but most commonly on #2 but I’ve discovered cracks in #1 also. These cracks occur on the first bend of the tube as it exits the engine.DSC_0372
On your existing exhaust tube this area is modified from the standard Rotax exhaust tube configuration to accommodate the installation of the engine in the S10 engine compartment. Continue reading

We Are Off

Welcome to Copperstate Aero, LLC, located at Ryan Field just west of Tucson, Arizona. We are now a full service repair facility supporting many ‘Motorglider,’ ‘Light Sport Aircraft,’ as well as private and corporate aircraft owners with quality repair and maintenance since 1985.

Copperstate Aero has the capability, technical expertise, skills, and resources to satisfy all of the specialized requirements for maintaining, modifying, and upgrading numerous categories of general aviation aircraft from small single engine aircraft to medium-sized corporate turboprop and jet transport category aircraft.

Copperstate Aero is also the certified Technical Service Representative for Rotax™ and Limbach™ aircraft engines for the United States.