About Us

CopperState Aero, LLC was founded in 1985 and incorporated in 1999. We are family-owned and operated, based right here in Tucson, Arizona at Ryan Field (KRYN).

We have many years servicing and maintaining a variety of MotorGliders, Light Sport, and Experimental Aircraft. We also stock parts for many of these aircraft and are setup to travel to your site for your convenience .  Contact Me

Dedication, decades of experience and knowledge, along with superior quality and service is what sets CopperState Aero apart.


Rick Wright

Owner/Operator Chief Pilot

Mr. Wright received his BS in Aviation Management in 1985 and has been a Pilot and Mechanic for over 40 years. He is an Airline Transport Pilot with over 10,000 flight hours in numerous types of aircraft. He is a CFII, an MEII and is an A&P, IA, and Repairman; Light Sport Aircraft.

He is a “Ruby Award” winning maintenance technician with the FAA, a member of NBAA, SSA, EAA, and ALEA. He holds numerous training certificates from the FAA, Flight-safety International, Raytheon Beechcraft, General Electric, Garrett Air Research, Rotax, Limbach, Stemme AG, Cessna Aircraft and Rainbow Aviation.